Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream Catchers

Is there a rule that states dream catchers can only be used for dreams?
I have a theory.
I don’t think that dream catchers can only be used for dreams.

So, I started making a dream catcher. Recently, I’ve had some issues with energies in my room. I’ve tried everything to balance the room again, but it’s not helping much. So, I thought that I would try a dream catcher, hung at the only spot in my room that is really open: my window.
My window partially overlooks the rest of the suburb, partially over a very active forest. We get a lot of wandering spirits throughout our home and the garden outside. Though I’ve worked often to “close” the window, it still never is really closed off.
So, I’m going to hang a dream catcher there.

See, I think dreams are just other forms of energy. Nightmares are caused by bad energy. So, if the dream catcher can filter nightmare energy, why couldn’t it filter other bad energy?

Yay for experiementation!


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