Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sacred Space

Do you have sacred space designated? Or is it something you only create when you need it? What kind of space do you like to use (indoor, outdoor, etc)? --Pagan Blog Prompts

Sacred spaces are interesting, to me at least. Anywhere can be “sacred”, if you prepare it properly. I had my New Year’s celebration in a hotel, and it worked quite well. When I was really feeling nervous and out of it, I was outside and felt pretty good about it. If I need a big concentration of energy, I sit at my altar.
Usually, I sit on my bedroom floor with a cloth over top of my rug. So, I suppose I create my sacred space. I mean, I do have a permanent altar set up, and I use it as a desk as well. However, I don’t think it’s necessarily suited for actual ritual work. So, I create a space to work on.

The area I use depends greatly on what I’m doing. For my own rituals and spells, I would try to stay in my own bedroom, or go outside if the weather was nice, or I really needed massive amounts of sunlight/rain/snow/whatever. For the more “family” celebrations, my mom and I will probably make some place either outside (she’s a hippie), or at the kitchen table.

I think sacred space is less about the physical area you’re in, but more about the mental space you are in. Sure, there are places that have huge concentrations of energy and are “sacred”, but any place can be made sacred if YOU want it to be sacred. Like with the hotel room. It was a hotel room at a Howard Johnson, which is practically the antithesis of sacred, and managed to make a sacred space for my use. It had to do with my intention, not my location.


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