Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Week-Prejudice

Very year, thousands of fundamentalists, usually Christian, try to boycott Halloween because they believe it is a “Satanist” holiday. Though modern Hollywood has perverted ‘witchcraft’ and Pagan symbols, these fundies tend to take things much too far.

Think of the movie Rosemary’s Baby. The writers did their research: they got a lot of the Witch terminology right, like Sabbats, and they showed the witches with herb gardens, and using these herbs in drinks and to help Rosemary’s baby grow properly. But, they also made the witches into Satanists, and Rosemary’s infant was indeed the son of the Devil. This film was made in the 60s, when the horror genre was really getting its own niche. This is where you had the very experimental type of horror movies, like Rosemary’s Baby or the Exorcist.

Now, as for fundies...this is an excerpt from a BBC article
“Rev Campbell said his church was opposed to Hallowe'en because it was "one of the two major days for Satanists", and "God's word clearly condemns and warns people about celebrating or glorifying Hallowe'en or the occult".” -- Source

How can anyone even consider this is at all true? Yes, Halloween has negative connotations because of the movies, as do witches, but for the general population, no one really cares about the history of Halloween. Kids like dressing up and getting free candy, and in the end, shouldn’t we, at least the general population, just let kids have fun without spewing nonsense about how it glorifies evil.

I know a lot of Christians don’t feel that way about Halloween. Even if they are ignorant to Paganism, they don’t let it get in the way of fun. When I went to Sunday School, we had Halloween crafts the Sunday before Halloween. Even if our ministers thought it may have at one point been a Devil-worshipping holiday—which is, of course, bullshit—they now see it as a fun holiday for kids to dress up and get free candy, and they aren’t going to go out and sacrifice people to the Devil if they do.

It can be hard to be a Pagan and listen to this hatred being spewed out; we want to rid the world of ignorance. But, it can be hard to reverse centuries of brainwashing on the Church’s part.
I have absolutely no conclusion here....

Anyway, question time: How do you deal with prejudice?


Hexeengel said...

My first course of action is to try and patiently correct the misinformation and negative assumptions with my own knowledge and experiences, but if that doesn't work, I tell whomever that it's their right to believe what they want, just as it is mine. I've found that if I don't get angry, they don't know how to deal with that, and then let the issue lie.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I try to explain a different point of view to those who are prejudiced. About paganism, race, etc. I try and after that I just walk away if they don't want to hear it. Or we just agree to diagree. I figure that most people aren't going to change their minds, but they might start thinking things through a little deeper.

Kristine said...

Education. I run into a fair few people who are extremely prejudiced because they don't understand. They listen to the media, and they blindly accept the crap that the loudest "Christians" spew. Sometimes, people are shocked by the truth about Paganism, and change their minds. Other times, they don't believe a word I say. But, as you well know, I can't stand any kind of religious intolerance, so it can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

Anonymous said...

what's the other holiday we witces are supposed to have that's uniquely ours?

I'm lucky in the sense of not running into to many people who are violently opposed to my faith, I just get the well meaning, here read this book, let me ask you some questions, how do you know you're following the right path? types.

I'm polite unless they push it, then I'll snap at them to mind their own business


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