Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Week-Rituals

A lot of people have big rituals for Samhain, and a lot of people have small or solitary rituals for Samhain.

This year, I don't know what my mother has planned, if anything, so knowing me I'll end up hanging out in my room with Quetzalcoatl and watch Animated Star Trek (No! I will not watch Indianna Jones 4 Quetzalcoatl! I'm too afraid of the grey, and it was a pretty shitty movie) or some horror flick like Rosemary's Baby, or Carrie. I have to go to the bank that afternoon though.
Yay! Banks!

Anyway, what sort of rituals do you do on Samhain?


SpiritPhoenix said...

I used to love going trick or treating. But the little one isn't quite old enough for that yet. I'll probably watch a movie or hang out with friends/family.


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