Monday, October 19, 2009


Qamata, also known as Qamta and Quamta, is the head God of the Xhosa people in the south-eastern area of Africa. Qamata is the son of the Sun God Thixo, and the Earth Goddes Jobela.

For worship, small artificial heaps of stones were created. A traveller may often be seen adding a stone to a heap “for Qamata” a token of good luck.

This is the legend of Qamata and Table Moutain:
When Qamata wanted to create dry land, the sea dragon Nkanyamba interfered. Qamata's mother, Jobela, created four giants to help him in work and battle Nkanyamba. When Qamata's task was completed and enough dry land had been recovered, the giants were turned to stone so they could continue to keep watch over the land. The southernmost of them, Umlindi Wemingizimu ("watcher of the south") became Table Mountain, near Cape Town, South Africa.


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