Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wiccan Numerology

Wiccan Numerology: odd numbers are related to the Goddess, women, and receptive energy. Even numbers are related to the God, men, and protective energy. I had no idea about this, even though I do some numerology. This is very much a Wiccan list, not a general Pagan list.
Anyway, this is probably the most awesome numberology list I've ever read:

1: The Universe. The one and the source of all.

2: The Goddess and the God. Perfect duality and balance. The physical and spiritual equally combined.

3: The Triple Goddess. The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The lunar phases. I do think that this could also be the three aspects of the God as well

4: The Element, the directions and seasons.

5: The senses. The elements plus Akasha. The pentacle/pentagram.

7: The planets as known in ancient times. Magick, power and protection.

8: The number of Sabbats. A number of the God.

13: The number of Esbats. A lucky number.

21: The number of Sabbats and moons in the Wiccan year.

28: A number of the moon.

101: The number of fertility.


Skye said...

I love that you included 13, 21, 28 and 101... I've never heard of 101 being a number of fertility or anything. What comes to mind are those beginner "101" classes.

You did forget 9 and 0 though, at least in my opinion. I'm not sure if you intentionally left them out.

9 is 3x3, so it's another very spiritual number.

Thanks for sharing.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

thanks. I had never heard of some of those numbers either. I wish I has written down where I had learned this info, because it's really interesting, lol

What was done said...


I created quite a large list of people according to their numerological number.
You can see the list here:

I'm afraid that I'm not too familiar with numerology, beside the very computation.
do you find these list useful?

Are there other improvements you suggest that I'll add?

What Was Done

Juhani said...

Wiccans beliefs are deception of evil spirits. You can read more info in here:

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