Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1000 Pages To Go!

So, last night I officially hit the "1000 pages to go" mark on my USBoS. This, of course, does not include my tarot decks to work with, but hey, 1000 pages over two books isn't bad. Okay, on a technical note its 1002 pages, but that's only because I went to bed last night to watch Harry Potter 6, which then proceeded to give me an incredibly surreal dream.

So, if we want to be specific, I have 375 pages (out of 603) to type up in my Symbol book. A little less than HALF the book was one chapter.

I have 627 (of 1035) in my Spell book. I'm on the chapter about the Evil Eye. I've skipped somje chapters in this book because the spells don't sit right with me, like the dominating spells and the hexes. I read each spell and deside if the risks of the spell are worth it.
For some, there is really no risk, such as the spiritual cleansing spells. Others, like the dominating spells, interfere too much with other people without there consent.
"But Lea!" I hear you all tell me, "you wrote up banishing spells!"
Banishing spells for people is indeed a last-chance-completely-desperate-no-other-option option. Yes, they do interfere with people without thier consent, but, unlike dominating spells and hexes, these people can be a legit threat to you. When you perform a person banishing spell, it really means they have overstayed thier welcome and are interfereing with your life WAY to much.
Each of these banishing spells does contain some degree of risk, and it's up to the spell-caster to choose if the risk is worth it.

So, then, why aren't I including the hexes and dominaing spells?
These types of spells are the spells that, unlike banishing spells, are spells in which you aren't getting rid of a problem, but exterting your power. For these spells, the risk is much higher, not to mention they can go very wrong. In these cases, unless you want a reputation as a "black witch", taking the risk to control other people or cause them harm on purpose is not worth it when there are other, less risky spells you can use, such as making yourself invisible to the people you want to hex.

In the end, spells all carry a certain degree of risk, and it is up to the spell caster to deside if the risk is great enough.

I have no idea where that little rant came from, but I think I'll polish it up for another one of my "lessons" postings.


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