Sunday, July 19, 2009

Concerning the Zodiac

I’ve always been interested in the zodiac. So, until very recently all I did was look up sun signs and maybe moon signs if I was curious. I have a book called Do It Yourself Astrology by Lyn Birkbeck. I found it in the bargain books section of Chapters for $9.99. I really like this book, even if it’s a bit confusing to get used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s actually really user-friendly.
I’ve started doing birth charts, and though I’ve only done three so far, it’s really interesting to look at how the planets affect each of us.
Critics say that astrology and zodiac is bullshit and the traits are so general, they can apply to anyone, and if you read enough into the signs, you’ll make your behaviour fit. I got into zodiac at a young age, and sometimes I do wonder...if I hadn’t learned all about Scorpio when I was younger, would I be the perfect archetype of it today? Part of me says that yes, I would be the same. The other half says no, I made the traits fit.
It’s possible that it is a combination of both.

I suppose I trust astrology. I do believe that the position of the planets at the time of birth can influence someone. I do believe that when working with the power of the planet Mars, you will become more aggressive, as the planet is known for that.
But, then, what of the planet itself? They are just rocks in space, technically speaking. What then makes the planet have influences?
I’m sure there is some confusing complex system in to how the planets influence us.

And of the actual zodiac. When I was little, I believed that the zodiac weren’t just starry images, but were actual beings that lived in heaven (at the time, I was still Christian). So, they have nothing to do with the stars, but are more like demi-gods or angels.

I like astrology. I really do think that personalities are influenced by these being, because I find too many similarities to deny that it works.
I’m a Scorpio, and I personify many of the traits, both positive and negative.
My aunt and father are Gemini’s, and boy do THEY fit the Gemini personality.


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