Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Altar, Part Two

Another Pagan Blog Prompt!

What does your altar look like?
What kinds of items do you include, and why?
What does each item symbolize, or what purpose does it serve?

I got this print of the Aztec god Tonatiuh at the Mexican pavilion in Walt Disney World. I got it framed, so I could keep it out.
Beside this is a postcard size print of Quetzalcoatl, a deity who I’ve recently become very attached to.
Though I’m not Aztec in tradition, I found the prints too pretty to pass up, and they were inexpensive and easy to they were flat. I’m actually really happy I got the Quetzalcoatl print especially, considering he has recently made contact with me. You can read about that in my dream journal.

Okay, next is my stone collection and my deity candles.

My deity candles are my candles that I have dedicated to certain gods. I burn these the most.
The tall green and black striped one is my Thoth candle, the red one is Quetzalcoatl’s, the blue is Ptah and the white is Bast.
I don’t really know why I keep these out, I just kind of started doing it, and I found I liked the arrangement.

These are my miscellaneous stones.
Back row, right to left: Peacock ore, moonstone, dark sunstone, jade
Middle row: Hematite, Smokey quartz, clear quartz
Front row: Howlite, green apatite, snowflake obsidian

These are my two carved wands: Smokey quartz and mookite

My large-ish stones
Back row: Lapis Lazuli, petrified wood
Front row: Sodalite, zebra agate

This is my ammonite

Possibly my pride and joy: my rather large obsidian crystal ball.

My rose quartz, which is “my” stone.

These are the stones of Leiko, my little flower faerie. She likes purple. The stone in the front left hand side is amethyst, and the other three are just dyed that I found in Disney.

Finally, this is a piece of malachite I purchased for Quetzalcoatl. This is the same colour and pattern the god had when he revealed himself to me.

I keep all my stones together on my altar because I play with them when I’m working, and I like having them nearby. I really like using stones every day, so having them nearby and being able to touch them, they will really absorb my own energy so that when the day comes when I really have to use them, I don’t have to really worry about having to recharge my stones.

Well, that’s my altar. It’s a little strange, like me, but it changes almost daily, even just by brushing along the stones.


Anonymous said...

LOVELOVELOVE! As you know, I rather enjoy your room, and love your desk (except how dark the lighting is around it). This was such a good run-down of your altar, it actually helps me to understand it better, cause when I always first walk in it's so much to take in, and even more to absorb when you try to explain it. So, good post :D


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