Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Another Pagan Blog Prompt!

What does your altar look like?
What kinds of items do you include, and why?
What does each item symbolize, or what purpose does it serve?

Well, let me show you some pictures!

This is my desk. Yes, it is a desk. From Ikea, which is my favourite store EVER. This desk is, I believe, ALVE desk. In the drawers, we’ve got random junk, my train-case, safety pins, and all sorts of electronic cords.
I do most of my work on this desk. When I’m practising makeup, or watching TV before bed, or working on my USBoS, I sit here.

Over here is my little faerie corner. I bought these for my mom one year for mother’s day, but when we moved, I hijacked them. They don’t balance very well, so they are more often than not laying down. I have a rather close connection to the faeries, or rather...faeries have a close connection to me. I keep them here, and I’m not really sure why...
I mean, they are really cute.

Okay, this is my jewellery spot. I keep all the jewellery that I usually wear here. This is my Isis jewellery box. In here I keep some important papers, and some more of my dressier jewellery like my blue topaz necklace I got for my 16th birthday, and my garnet necklace I got for Christmas one year. Just sitting there, in front, are my 5 rings: a plain black one on my thumb, a tear-drop amethyst and diamond on my index, an ankh on my middle, a pentacle on my third, and a replica of the One Ring from Lord of the Rings on my pinkie. I’m on the hunt for a new pinkie ring. There is also my good ankh necklace (in the box), my plastic Hieroglyph of Ra on a chain, my Egyptian charm necklace with an ankh and the Eye of Horus, my two watches, one has Eeyore on it, and that weird silver thing? That’s a spoon that was made into a bracelet.
I keep all my jewellery on my altar so that it not only has a “spot” where I am sure not to lose them, but also so that there can be an energy exchange. I wear most of these things every day, so at the end of the day when I take them off, my energy can permeate my altar, and my altar’s energy can recharge my jewellery.

Next is collection of Egyptian statues. I have four at the moment, but when I get more, things will be moved around.
First up is Anubis; on his base I keep tiger’s eye, citrine and hematite, because I didn’t have any of the stones that are usually associated with Anubis. Also, I keep a mini plastic statue of Anubis on his base.

Second is Isis. On her base, I keep three pieces of carnelian, which is called the “Blood of Isis”, and a piece of moonstone. Also, she has a miniature plastic version of herself.

Third is my statue of Thoth, who is one of my patron deities. He looks better from the side! Anyway, on his base I keep a malachite obelisk and a piece of uncut and unpolished emerald. He also has a miniature plastic statue of himself.

My fourth and final statue is of Sobek. I love his headdress! On his base are also tiger’s eye, citrine and hematite, because I didn’t have any of the stones that are usually associated with Sobek. On his base, as well, is a miniature plastic statue of Bast, because the tube I got the other plastic statues in didn’t have Sobek.

Here are all four together
Stay tuned for Part Two, coming up right ahead of this post!


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