Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leamington Tomato Faeries

Ever heard of Leamington?
Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Ever heard of Heinz ketchup?
Aha! See, you do know that one.
Want to know why Heinz is so good?

Well, Leamington is the Tomato capital of Canada, perhaps of the world. Why? Because of the HUGE Heinz factory there. Nearly everyone in the town is connected to that factory. My grandfather was a foreman there, I believe.

On August 1st, during my New Year’s celebration, I was lucky enough to have some of Leamington’s tomato faeries come by. They are around the same height as a “standard” flower faerie, but are usually more pudgy. They dress in very comfortable-looking clothes, and wear big hats they weave from long grasses during the summer. They have very rosy cheeks and are almost always smiling.
During the summer months, they sleep in large tomato fields outside, and some of them will work in the greenhouses during the day. In the colder winter months, they sleep in the Heinz factory, and all of them work in the greenhouses.
They are very proud of their tomato products, and always swell with pride when they see or hear an ad for Heinz.
They enjoy a good party, these faeries. Though my New Year’s celebration wasn’t exactly a loud or large party, they still enjoyed themselves. They got mad at me when I tried to have a 9th Timbit (note: I bought 20).
These faeries love my family. My grandfather worked with the tomatoes, my dad could eat his weight in ketchup and my mom loves the creamy tomato soup Heinz makes. They are proud that there are families like mine who positively adore their products, and their tomatoes.

If you like tomatoes and tomato products, eats Heinz. The Faeries will be so happy. If you ever go to Leamington for anything and want to give the tomato faeries a present, leave chocolate or honey Timbits (or cakes) near a window and call them. They really will be happy. No one really knows they are there, but they are the ones who make Heinz stuff as good as it is.

Yeah, this picture is of the Tomato Family in Leamington. I drive past this every time we go, and every parents say "Let's take a picture of Lea with the tomato family". At that point, I really crank up my MP3 player.


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