Saturday, August 8, 2009

Power Tarot: More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers to Your Most Important Questions

As someone who reads tarot in a professional sense (not for money mind you, but still professional), this book is a must. Though the book is advertised as a book of tarot spreads, the first and larger half of the book is dedicated to in depth tarot meanings. The authors Trish Macgregor and Phyllis Vega really do into great detail about the cards, dividing each one into “general”, “romance”, “work”, “health”, “spirituality”, “finances” and “empowerment”, so that when you read a card you don’t have to make your best guess for a certain subject. The Fool is a very different card when it comes to health than when it comes to romance.
There are a couple reviews on Amazon that cite this book as being something different than they expected. Though the book is advertised as a book of tarot spreads and to a degree it is a book of tarot spreads, the book is more about the actual cards. In the world of tarot, the spread is secondary to the cards themselves. To get a picture of your upcoming year, you don’t have to actually arrange your cards in a circle, even though every “year” spread is in a circle.

Published in 1998 by Simon & Schuster

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Is it easy to read? Yes
Is it easy to follow along with? Yes
Is it interesting? Yes
How long does it take to read? I would say around a week if you just read it; if you try to absorb the knowledge and read it slower to do that, I would say between 10 and 15 days.
Overall: 4/5

Is the author knowledgeable? Quite
Is the knowledge valuable? Yes
Is the knowledge new knowledge or is it common knowledge? It is a mixture of both. Some of it is common, but a lot of this knowledge is presented in a different way.
Is it cohesive and relevant? Yes
Other notes: There are a lot of personal anecdotes. I haven’t decided if those are good or bad yet.
Overall: 4/5

Is the book set up for easy reference: Yes
Is the layout or design obnoxious or annoying? No, it’s very well organized.
Overall: 5/5

Do you recommend this book? Yes
Was it worth the money? $12 Canadian, yes
Will You Purchase Other Books from this Author?: Yes, hopefully
Overall: 13/15


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