Saturday, August 15, 2009


This Deity of the Day comes from the Arnhem Land in Australia. Lumaluma is the god of Gluttony and gate-crashing.

He started off as a whale, but came ashore under the guise of a holy man. He willingly shared all his knowledge, but overindulged at feasts. He declared that, because he was holy, only he could eat at festivals.
Then, everyone stopped holding feasts for him. He would show up anyway, but was only given scraps. This made him angry, so he began eating dead children. Eventually, a mob came and killed him and his two wives.
Legend goes that he did not die, but returned to the water as a whale.


Anonymous said...



WOW. What a douchebag he is. If this is why the Christians put "gluttony" as one of the seven deadly sins, I can now understand why.


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