Friday, August 14, 2009

Pagan Blog Prompt: Mundane Beauty

As I leave my home for a week tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to post something about my house. So, I wrote up another Pagan Blog Prompt about Mundane Beauty.

Make your blog post today about the beauty surrounding you, hidden within the mundane. It could be something you see or do every day, that suddenly feels magical. Tells us a story, and help us to feel that magic too.
Beauty is everywhere, we just have to take the time to notice it, and recognize it as such.

Beauty is indeed everywhere, and people tend to forget that. We are a culture obsessed with movie stars and fake boobs, and we don’t notice the beauty in clouds or animals.
Today, the mundane beauty I’ve found is in my dream catcher.

Now, compared to the more professional ones you can buy, this thing is ugly. It’s made of a wreath ring, with black leather cording wrapped around. The netting is off-centre. The beads are nice Sworski crystal in pink, red, and blue. The metal feathers came with the cheap kit. There is a Tibetan prayer bead hanging from it on a piece of clear wire. It smells like bergamot, and I think I burnt some of the sinew netting when I cleared it with sage.
Yes, this thing is clearly hand-made.
And that’s why it’s beautiful.
See, you can tell it’s handmade. You can tell that someone (meaning me) put the time and effort into making it, instead of buying a more “factory” looking one from a store.
I think that's where mundane beauty comes from. I took the time to handmake something, and though it is no where near professional quality, the energy that flows through this is so much better than any one purchased at a store. Sure, the materials used were very ordinary (and cheap), but together they combined into something extraordinary.


Lisey said...

I love it. Chris wants to make me one ;) I hope he does! I could use the extra help sleeping well.

But good post. I also see the beauty in hand crafted things.

Connie Mitan said...

Handmade is certainly beautiful, in spite of or because of, the small 'flaws' in it.



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