Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pagan Dreams

I am studying makeup artistry come January. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup so much, and I love playing with it. Though, recently, I’ve been focusing more on my USBoS, once I get my raw documents processed—I’m aiming for the end of October—I think I’ll actually work on practising makeup again, along-side tarot practise.
However, my town is majorly lacking in any sort of pagan themed shops and communities, despite a growing pagan population. We have a fantastic stone store, and we have a couple good places to buy incense and candles—namely a store called Green Earth, and Pier One Imports—and we can sometimes get oils at these locations and at The Body Shop, and we have a lot of places that sell herbs in bulk, though I have yet to go into the one store my friend recommended, which is funny because it’s right by my optometrists (Hmm, I’m going there on Tuesday, maybe I’ll pop in!).
We do have one “New Age” store. I won’t tell you it’s name because I don’t want this to turn into a call-out. I’ve been there once. Sure, they had fireproof shells, smudge sticks and feathers, silk handkerchiefs, and a largest selection of divination tools I’ve seen offline. It had some good items that I would have loved to invest in. Keyword: invest. It was pricy.
Though I would love to shop online, I still live with my paranoid father who hates shopping online, not to mention that the shipping is murder and a lot of stores don’t ship to Canada.
In America—so I’m told—there are tons of New Age shops. Actual, physical stores. Some are probably high-end, and some are incredibly local and affordable. So, what’s wrong with Canada? Sure, some of our bigger cities have stores.
I kind of blame my town. We are a university town. People from all over the world come here to go to our engineering school. We get all these intellectuals, but not in the philosophical sense. We get the hard-core nerds.
I love nerds, don’t get me wrong.

Anyway, I guess it’s a bit of a dream of mine to open a proper pagan store in town in some place accessible and doesn’t look like some hippie wannabe is running the store. Somewhere that looks professional and reputable, with everything from wands to jewellery, to artwork, to running seminars and classes. Something that has high-price objects, and also affordable basics that I just cannot find here...we don’t have anything like this here. Sure, we have them in Toronto, or London, or Windsor, but not here.

So, does anyone else want to share your pagan dreams/goals? I’m intensely curious!


Lisey said...

:D I still want to write a no-bullshit, easy-to-follow book on Pagan ethics and morals to shut up those people who assume Pagans have none. I also wouldn't mind writing something pertaining to Kitchen Witchcraft someday, whether it's a gigantic cookbook and guide or what.

Kristine said...

Ten Thousand Villages should have lots of different kinds of incense. At least we have tons in the warehouse.

Could you message me the name of the store that's next to your optometrists and the one New Age store? I'd be really interested in checking it out.

Skye said...

I honestly think it's every pagan's secret dream to own a store and give tribute to their spirituality. At least from my experience.

Also, I'm with Lisey, I want to write a book, but my thoughts aren't usually cohesive enough on a larger scale.

A bit more original, I want to be as self-dependent as possible when it comes to food and education. I want to have a really nice garden, some livestock (if my guy'll be willing to learn butchering or something) and homeschool any children I have. I'd hate to have to be dependent on society more than necessary.


Rose said...

I'd love to work at a new-age store and read tarot one day. I'm reading the cards practically every day and offering readings to anyone and everyone I see. But I'm still a long way off to do this professionally.

When I think of a store, I either think of Cafe Book in Nora Roberts' Three Sisters Island trilogy or Crazy Wisdom Tea Room in Ann Arbor, MI Luckily I live near enough to Crazy Wisdom to maybe work there one day.


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