Sunday, September 6, 2009

Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt

This book isn’t what I expected. I read some reviews from pagans on Amazon, and it was spun as a book that actually had some revamped ancient rituals. This book is actually a history book. It covers the evolution of magic in Egypt, and thus also covers the history of the empire.
Though the book is no doubt interesting, and should be a staple to any Egyptologists library, it is not exactly a “pagan” book. History is always a good thing to know, particularly in paganism.
I recommend a couple good history books in any pagan library, and this is one of those history books you should have, particularly if you have an interesting in Egypt.

Published in 2002 by Penguin UK

Other Books by Rosalie David:
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Is it easy to read? To a degree: it is well written, but it is written in a very academic context.
Is it easy to follow along with? Again, to a degree.
Is it interesting? Yes
How long does it take to read? Because it is very academic and in that regard, it is dry, so it’s kind of hard to get through.
Overall: 3/5

Is the author knowledgeable? Most defiantly: she is a professor of Egyptology.
Is the knowledge valuable? Yes.
Is the knowledge new knowledge or is it common knowledge? This depends on education. If you are really interested in the history of Egypt, then it might be fairly common knowledge. If you know very little about Egyptian history, then it will be new knowledge.
Is it cohesive and relevant? Yes
Other notes: There are many books and websites devoted to the history of ancient Egypt. This is not the only book that provides this information.
Overall: 4/5

Is the book set up for easy reference: To a degree. You may have to do a bit of hunting
Is the layout or design obnoxious or annoying? No.
Overall: 4/5

Do you recommend this book? Yes
Was it worth the money? It costs about $15 on Chapters. If you like a physical book to reference instead of the internet, then this book is worth it. However, you could probably find cheaper.
Will You Purchase Other Books from this Author?: I don’t know. Her other books are also academic.
Overall: 11/15


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