Thursday, September 24, 2009

Planetary Attributes

This is a little handy reference list about planetary influences. By using the power of the planets, spells and rituals can become much mroe powerful.

Sun: Illumination, energy, action, hope, self-expression, motivation
Mercury: Wisdom, intelligence, opinion, fear, debt, nervous tension
Venus: Love, desire, harmony, constancy, friendship, unity, beauty
Moon: Enchantment, dreams, wishes, moods, plans, habits, ways
Jupiter: Law, honour, expression, humour, wealth, adventure, bold quests
Saturn: Peace, divination, change, ambition, progress, patience, loss

Some examples of spells you can do with...
Sun: weight loss motivation spells
Mercury: Studying/school spells
Venus: Love magic (this stuff is tricky)
Moon: Help remembering dreams
Jupiter: money spells
Saturn: Making peace with friends/family


A lot of my information is directly copy-pasted frm my own Book of Shadows, collected over the past couple of years from a variety of sourses. I try to credit where I can, and I try to paraphrase and change words around without changing meanings as much as I can.
IF YOU SEE YOUR INFORMATION HERE: Please let me know, I'll be more than happy to credit you. The best way to contact me is to leave a comment on the post, and I'll be sure to edit the post as soon as I get the message.