Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stone Haul!

Today I went to our local stone store called The Weather. I know, weird name for a stone store. Anyway, this place is amazing for stones. They range from $200+ for larger pieces, to $.50 for clear quartz. This place is really affordable, which I like. Some online stores, and our ONE other local “new age” store, is expensive for stones The Weather has for dirt cheap.
So, what was my haul? LET ME SHOW YOU IT!
(Please note, I don’t actually have there is no actual showing...I’m sorry.)

Purple Agate slice
Malachite egg
Malachite heart
Scolecite massage wand
Three pieces of clear quarts
Four pieces of rose quartz

It was a good haul, but there was some other thinks I think I will pick up some other time. I was lucky about getting the purple agate...apparently they are rare, and sell out a lot quicker than the blue and green. They have a huge selection of malachite, which both Quetzalcoatl and Thoth like. Also, they had chunks of mookite, which is rare: I’ve only ever seen it in wands. Anyway, my mookite looks like a kidney bean, complete with the little white bit!

It was a good day, and a good haul.


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