Monday, October 5, 2009


Also known as: Ahpuch, Cizin, God-A, Hanhau, Hunahau, Kimil, Kisin, Yum-Cimil, Yum-Cimih, Yum-Kimil

Ah-Puch is a Mayan death god, ruling the 9th level of the Underworld. The 9th level is the worst level. He is it the first of the Alphabet Gods, which are a compilation of deities for almost every letter of the alphabet.

Ah-Puch works at night. He usually appears as a putrefying corpse with an owl’s head. He often has bells in his hair.
There is only one way to make him leave you alone: if he is passing by your neighbourhood, make as much noise as you can! Scream, howl, and shriek, because Ah-Puch will assume you’re dealing with one of his demon minions and leave you alone.

He uses a screech owl nanmed Muan as his messenger. To this day, legend states that if you hear an owl screech, someone nearby will die.

Is it just me, or does the orange owl look like he look kind of creepy?

Also, these are tropical screech owls, that are common in South American and the tropics. The North American screech owls are smaller.


Jaelle said...

Oh my gods!

Your blog is AWESOME! I mean not just for information but also it's pretty! And the owl SCARES ME!

I'm so glad you got linked to at Pagan Blog Prompts, since I likely would never have found you otherwise!

I have succeeded in using exclamation points in all! my! sentences! Clearly I need to sleep now!

But you? I heart your blog!

---Lea Elisabeth said...

oh, thank you so much! I'm always so excited when people find my blog useful. It's like opening a present!

that owl is freaky, and I think that's why I included it=P


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