Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Rant

So, my wisdom teeth surgery is on Friday. That’s right, this Friday. That’s also the day of my 98th blog post, if I’m feeling up to blogging after I get my surgery. I think it goes without saying that I’m petrified beyond any doubt. I have yet to consult my tarot cards with my fears, though I doubt even my cards saying that everything will be okay will stop my fears.

My original goal of finishing my main books for my USBoS by the end of October might prove a little difficult. I did the math (yes! I did the math!) and I would have to write out 64 pages a day to get finished in 25 days. That’s about 21 pages a book, each day. I’ve changed the goal and am aiming for as soon as possible, but I want to get them done FOR SURE before 2010. When 2010 rolls around, I won’t have the time to really devote a lot of time to hard-core USBoS formation because I’ll be back at school. I will probably have the time to post to my blog, and of course do analyse a tarot card per day (that’s the next phase in this).


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