Friday, October 23, 2009

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From my own blog prompt collection: If you found out your God/Gods were just super advanced aliens, how would you react? Would you still treat them as deities? Would you change religions, or abandon religion altogether?--Link

A lot of conspiracy theorists on Above Top Secret’s Alien and UFO forum bring up a lot of questions and discussions about ancient space visitors posing as Gods, and the conversation seems to instantly go to Egypt of the Aztecs. Of course, this makes me nuts.

Being a nerd, however, I do think about the possibility that, for sake of argument I’m going to use Quetzalcoatl, is in fact a super advanced, long-lived alien. If he were to the return to earth in some hard-core space ship, I think I would be thrilled. Not only would humans know they aren’t alone in the universe, but also the personal connection I have with Quetzalcoatl would probably be more cemented now that I can physically see him. I may not revere him as a deity anymore, if this was the case, but I would probably see him as some sort of saviour of humanity. As to if I could change or abandon religion, I probably wouldn’t, but I don’t think I would see Quetzalcoatl as a God anymore, but I’d see him more-or-less as a prophet or Jesus-like figure, like I said before, being a saviour of humanity to help us evolve into more cosmic citizens.

I think a lot of people would, however, have their world’s shattered if anything like this happened. Me? I’d be so excited.


Anonymous said...

You may know of the recent discovery of "El Miridor" in Central America. Another Aztec (constructed?)city simply abandoned by it's inhabitants for mysterious reason. Beside the assertion that these wonderous places are supposed to have been built by tribesmen, whose greatest technology in the fossil record is, a stone hand axe, the mystery of the abandonment persists. Consider the fact that Bahgdad, inhabbited for 10,000 years, Jerusalem, never abandoned, Athens, Rome, Cairo, London, Berlin, even New Orleans. Why would you invest millions of man hours, over countless generations, to construct a city of such marvel, and then, just walk away from it??? Nobody else on this planet, does that....

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