Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flying Head

Also known as Big Head and Great-Head, this is an Iroquois demon. Basically, he’s a huge flaming, winged head, and he eats livestock. Because he has no body, all he does is eat.

According to Iroquois myth, he ate hearthstones and fire instead of the chestnuts that were roasting, and he internally combusted, and thus was destroyed. I cannot be sure if this story is 100% accurate, as I’m not Iroquois, and most of my research comes from GodChecher.

I don’t often post demons here, unless they amuse me or are super-interesting like Pazuzu (who did both!), so this demon interests me as well. If anyone remembers the 90s show Third Rock from the Sun, then they should remember the Big Giant Head:

No relation to Flying Head.


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