Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Week-Costumes

Hello everyone, welcome to Halloween Week! All Halloween, all week!

So, last night I had my Halloween party. It was a blast. I’ll be sure to give you all a link to the photos later, when I upload them onto my computer.

My harem girl costume is too hot and kind of uncomfortable to wear all day on the 31st, so I’m going as a fortune teller for that day. I’m going to set up a sort of altar on my coffee table, with a deck of my tarot cards, and my crystal ball. I’ll wear a long skirt and one of my poet (aka super puffy) tops, and tie one of my many altar cloths to my head, and talk in a slightly over-kill Russian accent.
As much as I loved my harem girl costume, I do need something a bit easier.

Are any of you guys going to be dressed up for Halloween day? What are you going to wear? Will you have a costume for fun and a more serious one for any samhain rituals? Will you wear "tradional" garb for samhain?


Kristine said...

I'm dressing up as River Tam with a group of people all going as Firefly characters for Grebel's Halloween dance on Thursday and the Ceilidh on Friday. I think on the 31st I'm just going to dress in all black and be elegant goth.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I'm thinkin of goin as a Gypsy/Fortune Teller as well. Great minds think alike. ;)


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