Friday, October 9, 2009

Magical Days: Friday

Well, this post is scheduled for eight am, so if you're reading it at that time, it means I've just gone under for my wisdom tooth extraction. I probably won't be online much today, but please send me your healing thoughts! I'm terrible with pain.

As it is Friday, I should be posting a Blog Prompt, but I can't stop focusing on the mundane of my surgery, so I'm going to give you a bit of information about the magical associations of Friday.

Friday is the day of Venus, and is appropriately associated with romance, the female, and art.

Friday is a good day for love spells, as it is the day of romantic love, marriage, friendships, beauty, affection, soulmates, relationships, partners, alliances courtship, and dating.

Friday is also good for the arts, being the day of artistic abilities, decorating, gardening, architects, artists, beauticians, chiropractors, dancers, designers, engineers, entertainers, fashion, music, painting, poetry, and household improvements.

Friday is also the day of harmony, grace, luxury, social activity, cosmetics, gifts, income, growth, planning parties, and my favorite, shopping

One last note: tomorrow is my 100th post! Any ideas for what we should do to celebrate? Anything you guys want to see on my blog?


Anonymous said...

Oh no wonder Friday is my favourite day/the day I feel the most *me*. Might I add, as a synaesthete, Friday (the word) is black with a little hint of maroon and a tiny, tiny hint of a dusty gold around the "ay" part lol not kidding.


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