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Also known as Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, Tsukuyomi, and Tsuki-Yomi. Tsukiyomi is the Japanese god of the moon, created from a teardrop. He is the second the “three noble children” born to the head Shinto god Izanagi. His sister is the sun goddess Amaterasu.
However, Tsukiyomi angered his sister by killed Uke Mochi, the goddess of food. The meal is made in a disgusting manner (for how the meal was created, you can read the Wikipedia page here, I have my limits as to what I'll include in this blog. It's written in a "safe for work" mannor, and it's not overly detailed, but it still is "gross") so Tsukiyomi killed her.
When his sister learned about what he did, Amaterasu refused to look at her brother again, so Tsukiyomi had to move to another area of the sky.

This is the reason why day and night are separate according to the Shinto religion.


Kristine said...

There were a lot of gods and goddesses born at the same time. It was when Izanagi had tried to rescue Izanami (his sister/lover) from hell and ended up having to fight off zombies (with peaches, of course). Then he had to wash the death off him (because death is like epic pollution and pollution is bad) and while he was bathing in the river all these gods and goddesses were born. I find Shinto fascinating.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

Shinto is fascinating. It's intense:P And kind of gross when you get to all the weird details. (Yeah, I read the article, and read all thier source notes...)

Kristine said...

It explains so much about Japan. I'm kind of sad that we're done the Shinto unit in Japanese religions.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

aww, lol.


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