Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lifting The Veil Results

Well, I did the Lifting the Veil spread from Tarot Dame's Blog this morning, and it turned out great.
I used my Animal's Divine Tarot deck.
Not the best picture, but it gives you an idea.

1. Message from the Dead (Human spirit)
The Toad-Three of Wands
I think this is a message from my grandfather (my mother’s mother), because he apparently had a barrel chest like the toad. The Three of Wands represents the union of old and new ideas. So, I think I’m being told that I have to merge old and new ideas in creative ways.
There is a bit of shiny water behind the toad, which makes me think of an internet “tube”, so I think this card has to do with my blog.

2. Message from your Spirit Guide
Carp-Six of Cups
This card means that I have to overcome insecurities and challenges. I can see why this card came from my Spirit Guide, because I have a lot of insecurities and call on a lot of spirits to protect me when there is probably no actual danger.

3. Message from your Guardian Angel
Tiger-Three of Pentacles
This card talks about honing a skill. This is funny, actually. I have so many new hobbies going on, that I feel overwhelmed. The card shows a tiger stepping into a puddle, and lots of ripples flow out. I think I need to stop the ripples, and hone only a few of my new hobbies.
I think this card also talks about my makeup artistry training in January, and that I will really need to be creative and show off what I can do.

4. Message from an Ascended Master
Whale-Ten of Cups
This card talks about a sense of fulfillment and the achievement of goals. I think this card talks about two things in my life.
The first is being my USBoS, and how finishing that is going to make me feel accomplished. When I started the blog, I began to “grow up”, and I think when I finish getting all my information typed up, that “growing up” is going to be finished and more or less settled.
The second is with makeup artistry. I’m going to school and going to try to make a name for myself, getting out of the shadow of my family, and my friends. Pretty much everyone I know wants to go to university and was thrilled to go, but I have no desire for traditional education.

5. Message from the Nature Spirits
Venus-Knight of Cups
This card encompasses a lot of things, but this aspect stands out to me: “Now is the time to go with the flow”. I really think that this is what I need to do. I’m terrible with going with the flow, so I think the Nature Spirits (we have a lot in my area, lol) want me to learn to go with the flow.

6. Message from the Faeries
Octopus-Eight of Cups
I’ve always had a close connection to the Faeries, so they are always looking out for me. This card warns about routines and becoming stagnant. So, I think I need to change my routines a bit, even though I don’t really think I have a routine. Though, I do fall into old habits, and am becoming drained in things I really want to do, like NaNoWriMo and my USBoS.

7. Message from the Animals
Mistress of Animals-Knight of Pentacles
The Mistress of Animals is a transitional Goddess, meaning she changed over time. I think this card means that I’m in the middle of a transition. I need to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s not like puberty where it was an emotional and physical change; this is a mental change and it’s not as big and scary, but more fun.

8. Message from the Magical Creatures
Kuan Yin-The Star
The only Major in the spread, and the hardest to read. I think it means that I need to work hard at what I want to achieve so that I can almost prove to others that I know what I’m doing. In one of the Kuan Yin myths, she refused marriage and went to a nunnery instead. Her angry father told the other nuns to be mean to Kuan Yin, but she still worked though, proving to everyone that she knew what she was doing.

9. Message from the Dream World
Polar Bear-Three of Cups
This card is a very happy card. I think that it means that the happiness from my dreams is going to spill into my waking life. I think that it also means if I keep going and press forward with hobbies and goals, I’ll get this happiness.
It’s the super-cheesy “hard work brings happiness”, which is I think what this card is telling me.


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