Monday, November 23, 2009

Pagan Clothing

Today's prompt comes to us via LiveJournal.

Do you have any pagan-themed articles of clothing, that are not specifically for ritual, that you wear often? If so what are they?

To put it simply, no, I don’t have any Pagan-themed clothing. I do, however, have an ankh ring, a pentagram ring, and numerous Pagan themed necklaces.

What about you all? Do you have pagan-themed clothing?


SpiritPhoenix said...


---Lea Elisabeth said...

Do you have pagan jewellery?

crevanfox said...

An ankh neaklace, a Eye of Horus T-Shirt, and a "slutty*" Witches hat I bought for hallowe'en costume, years ago.

* slutty here means vinyl material, with chains all over it.

Lisey said...

No I don't. Regardless, people end up saying, "Aha! I knew it!" when they find out, because I certainly don't dress "normal". I wish I had Pagan-oriented clothing, like T-shirts with witty sayings. I like my spirituality to stand out <3


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