Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two-Parter Blog Prompt: Part One

What is your personal spiritual history? If you have changed religious traditions from the tradition in which you were raised in what prompted this change? Is there anything that you feel would make you consider changing to a different path in the future?
Today’s blog prompt comes to us via pagan_prompts on LiveJournal.

My spiritual history is a bit of a gong show. I don’t know if my parents went to church every Sunday before I was born, but after I was born, we sure did! I was baptized Presbyterian at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Kitchener. I don’t know how connected I really was to it, but I know when the movie Prince of Egypt came out, I was like “to Hell with Jesus! I wanna be Egyptian!” and thus I bought a few of those kids history books about Egypt and learned a little bit about some of the Gods. I firmly believed that the Egyptian Gods were real, because they were way cooler than Jesus. I was eight, what did you expect? (Picture is of my old church)

I still went to church until I was about ten, but by this time I had been exposed to Quetzalcoatl from the Animated Star Trek, and, being about nine at the time, happily included the long-lived space alien in my personal pantheon.

When I stopped going to church, I admitted to myself that I was probably agnostic, even if I didn’t know the word for it. Though I did believe fully in the evolution theory and all the science explanations for how the world came into being, I still believed there was a “God” figure. I always stuck pretty close to the Egyptians, but kind of forgot about Quetzalcoatl for the time being. I was a scientific agnostic, I guess

When I was in grade eleven, I met Crazy Pagan Girl, also known now as Lisey, and I longed to talk to her about the large silver Pentacle she wore, but I could never buck up the courage. However, the universe had other plans for us, and thus in the next semester, being the only person she knew, we became friends and I finally could learn about paganism and Wicca the way I had always longed to learn about it.

At the time, we both identified as Wiccans, and together we both grew into the eclectic paths we are on today. I don’t know where either of us would be spiritually without each other.

In summer of 2008, I branched out on my own, and really formed my own religion. Entirely customized from dozens of traditions. And, my religion is always changing. For a time, I thought my patron God was Thoth, and though he does enjoy my company and will gladly assist me, we now know that Quetzalcoatl is indeed my patron. I think that’s what really drew me to paganism: it’s always changing and you can really be your own person and express all sorts of individuality while still being connected to the whole.

Part two comes tomorrow!


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