Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"What Does God Need With A Starship?"

If you happen to watch lame sci-fi movies, you might recognise that quote from Star Trek V, The Final Frontier. In it, the Enterprise goes into the center of the galaxy, and discovers “Eden”. On the planet Eden, they discover “God”.
Of course, he’s not actually God, but a super powerful alien who was trapped. If you’ve watched Next Generation, you probably know the Q. Well, this God was probably a trapped Q.

Don’t worry, the rest of this post isn’t about Star Trek.

The reason this post is so late is because I went to see 2012. Okay, it was an alright movie, got your adrenaline pumping and whatnot, but it was totally...bad. I’m not exactly sure what else to call it but “campy”.
Though, everyone is right: the effects are STUNNING.

Onto my point: this movie, in my opinion, pretty much sold the idea that humanity is alone in the universe. No god, no super-advanced aliens, nothing but our governments (and of course they don’t give a damn about you, unless you are filthy rich).

It is not the concept that we are alone in the universe that scares me. It’s the idea that there IS a God who let the world be destroyed by natural means.
I’m going to get this out of the way: if mankind destroys the world, then they kind of had-it-coming.
Okay, back to the rant.

In 2012, the Earth is destroyed by the sun and the core. Cataclysmic tectonic plate movement causes super-volcanic eruptions and 9.8 earthquakes. Most of the world is submerged in water or uninhabitable due to global climate change. These events were not man-made, they were forces of nature.
My question is then, if God (whatever God you want...Isis, Quetzalcoatl, Allah, Saraswati, ect...) exists and watches this happen, then isn’t God a total douche? It almost seems like the ultimate defeat: admitting that your creation is “bad” and destroying them so violently.

I’m probably over-thinking it.

2012 was a fun movie, it was fun to see it on the big screen with all the explosions and the effects were great, but it had too many big questions that were unanswered. There were a couple of cute guys though! With lovely accents.


CricketSong said...

Now to address your question (I may even write about it on my own blog because I think it's a great topic for discussion). Your question : If God (as in the supernatural Creator and overseer of the universe) exists and watches this major catastrophe happen (as presented in 2012), then isn’t God a total douche?

My answer: If you believe that God is an incorporeal, a personal deity that could interfere with humanity but refuses to, then yeah. I'd say you might want to call God a douche. But I don't define God that way. It's my belief that all things connected to The Divine including Nature is in constant search of harmony - of balance and as humanity ravages Mother Earth of her resources but refuses (because of ego) to give back as much as we take then She with all her might will take for herself – without remorse. She will find the balance. If we continue to take take take without giving back to Nature in some way. If we cannot balance it ourselves then God will and we will see MORE natural catastrophes such as those presented in the movie 2012.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

That's the opinion I seem to be getting a lot. To a degree, I can see that happening. But, then, wouldn't it be man's fault for not giving back?

I guess my question then becomes, in a case like this, shouldn't God/Goddess/Gods make themselves known to humanity (adress the whole planet or something) and tell them they have this one last chance to change our ways before they go all Rambo on everyone?
It just seems too abrupt for a Deity to not give humanity a solid warning. That's the douche move, not so much the destrution of the earth.

haha, yes, I hope you blog about this, it's a great point of discussion. It's something that introduces people to loads of veiwpoints, which is totally awesome:P


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