Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Days of Yule: Day Nine

Green and Red are our traditional colours for this time of year, but what do they symbolize? Each colour resonates differently with each person, so these are just "common" associations. Do a bit of personal research to see what works, or doesn't work, for you.

Uses: Healing, promotes prosperity; money, rituals for good Luck, fertility, harmony, and rejuvenation, earth mother, physical healing, success, tree and plant magic, growth, personal goals, generosity, abundance, good fortune, monetary, charity, wealth, renewal, marriage and balance, north cardinal point
Element: Earth
Direction: North
Chakra: Fourth, heart Chakra
Planet: Venus, Jupiter, Mars
Day: Friday/Venus-Love, friendship; Wednesday/Mercury-Business transactions; Thursday/Jupiter-Luck, prosperity
Number: 4
Magical Tool: Wand, Cauldron
Scent/Oil: Elder, mint, musk, sage, vanilla, pine, sweetpea, mugwort, patchouli, vervain, cinnamon, marjoram
Plant/Herb: Birch, catnip, blackberry, coltsfoot, foxglove, thyme, yarrow, feverfew, burdock, pennyroyal, plantain, briar, verbena, elder, basic, cedarwood, sage, dill, clove, mugwort
Wood: Bitch, elder, almond, hawthorn, fig, oak, palm, pine
Animal: Gnomes, Dwarfs, fishes, bee, bull, rabbit, rat, alligator, turtle, grasshopper, bison, frog
Stones: Emerald, Peridot, jade, malachite, coral, green tourmaline, aventurine, green quartz, gold, silver, rock crystal, onyx, azurite
Tarot: Emperor, sevens
Gods: Agathadaimon, Bonus, Daikoku, Eventus, Buddha, Gansea, Inari, Jambhala, Jupiter, Pluto, Tamon
Goddesses: Anna Koun, Anna Perenna, Benten, Brighid, Buddhi, Carna, Chala, Felicitas, Foruna, Janus, Kichijo-Ten, Lakshmi, Ops, The Muses, Vasudhara, Syn
Gender: either
Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces and Leo
Colour Codes: #008000, #00FF00 (same colour, just different codes for some reason)

Uses: Love, passion, good health, energy, strength, enthusiasm, element of fire, stamina, career goals, charity, fast action, lust, moon blood, driving force, survival, sexual love and potency, fertility, courage, will power, increases magnetism in rituals, romantic atmosphere, south cardinal point, draws Aries and Scorpio energy, enthusiasm
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Chakra: Root Chakra
Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Number: 5
Magical Tool: Sword, cauldron, incense burner, candle
Scent/Oil: Dragons Blood, Basil, Pine, Cinnamon, Mullein, Musk
Plant/Herb: Sunflower, Nettles, Holy Thistle, Crowfoot, Hops, Wormwood, Cranesbills, Chilli Pepper, Chives, Spikenard, Onion, Cornflower, Rose, Mustard, Garlic Rosemary, Dill, Hibiscus, Woodruff, Tobacco, Pepperwort, Heather, and Yew
Wood: Redwood, Cherry
Animal: Bear, Horse, Wolf, Ram, marsupials and night creatures, Tigers, Lions, Badger, Alligator, Ants, beetle, Cardinal, porcupine, Chicken, and Peacock
Stones: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, spinel, red tourmaline, red topaz, agate, rubelite rhodonchrosite, Quartz crystals, tigers eye, pyrite, tektite, diamond, red jasper
Tarot: The magician, cups, fives
God: Achilles, Ares, Atlas, Hercules, Mars, Thor, Zeus
Goddesses: Athena, Eris, Kali, Minerva
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarious
Colour Code: #FF0000


A lot of my information is directly copy-pasted frm my own Book of Shadows, collected over the past couple of years from a variety of sourses. I try to credit where I can, and I try to paraphrase and change words around without changing meanings as much as I can.
IF YOU SEE YOUR INFORMATION HERE: Please let me know, I'll be more than happy to credit you. The best way to contact me is to leave a comment on the post, and I'll be sure to edit the post as soon as I get the message.