Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

As they year is drawing to a close, I thought I’d do a bit of reflecting over my past year. I think 2009 wasn’t a “good year” overall, but I did have some ups as well as some far downs.

I think my biggest accomplishment and something I’m the most proud of is my starting this blog and actually keeping it going. It’s constantly evolving, just like I am. I’ve grown up so much in just disciplining myself to do this.

I think my personal writing has evolved, and I feel a lot more confident in what I’m writing. My character designs are still a bit weak, but that is something I can improve on.

This was the year I had enough confidence to talk to a guy that I liked, and though it didn’t work out, in the long run I think I learned a lot about what I like and don’t like in relationships.

I think some things I want to work on are overcoming my jealousy, because I can get extremely jealous.

My big spiritual goal for 2010 is to do a daily tarot reading.


A lot of my information is directly copy-pasted frm my own Book of Shadows, collected over the past couple of years from a variety of sourses. I try to credit where I can, and I try to paraphrase and change words around without changing meanings as much as I can.
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