Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Huge Thanks!

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Hexeengel for advertising my blog and forum.
So, to return the favour, I'm going to advertise her.

I met her on Livejournal, but she now has a blogger blog called Wicca 101 and Beyond. This blog is filled with all sorts of interesting lessons about Wicca, but some of what she writes about can be adapted to all sorts of pagan traditions.

She's incredibly helpful, so if you have any questions about Wicca, she would be the best person to ask.

So! Go visit her blog!Wicca 101 and Beyond


A lot of my information is directly copy-pasted frm my own Book of Shadows, collected over the past couple of years from a variety of sourses. I try to credit where I can, and I try to paraphrase and change words around without changing meanings as much as I can.
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