Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoth and I

And yes, that was the best title I could come up with.

Come to me, Thoth, O noble Ibis,
O god who loves Khmun;
O letter-writer of the Ennead,

Great one who dwells in Un!

Come to me and give me counsel,

Make me skilful in your calling;

Better is your calling than all callings,

It makes men great.
He who masters it is found fit to hold office...

You are he who offers counsel,

Fate and Fortune are with you,

Come to me and give me counsel,

I am a servent of your house,
Let me tell of your valiant deeds,

Wheresoever I may be;

Then the multitudes will say:

“Great are they, the deeds of Thoth!”

I talk a lot about Quetzalcoatl. He’s around me a lot more than other deities, though I’ve got my fair share of spirits that come by, especially fairies. I thought today I’d talk about the first deity I ever worked with, who still checks up on me sometimes.

I first worked with Thoth when I began to set out on my Pagan journey. He was always an observer, watching what I did, and how I worked. He was always that sort of gentle background push, unlike Quetzalcoatl who has a very big personality. Thoth was always subtle, and unless he wanted me to know he was around, he could very much “sneak in”.

I don’t know what first drew me to Thoth. I like writing, I like learning (certain things), and that could be it. There was something markedly exotic about the Egyptian pantheon in general that drew me more than the others that are traditionally studied as part of the History units in grade school. Maybe it was nostalgia on my part from the old lessons in Sunday School, from the Exodus story.

There will always be something that draws me to Egypt, even though I can’t quite put my finger on what that is. There is something about the grandness of the ancient culture. Yes, I know that I have a very romanticised view of it all. That won’t change how it pulls on my heartstrings.


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