Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good and Evil and Deities, Oh My!

I can reasonably say I’m addicted to the game Treasure Madness on Facebook. The game is simple: dig up treasure. I’ve been playing for about a week, and I love it. Today, I found an artefact that made me gasp out loud.
I’m used to the Quetzalcoatl artefact’s that turn up (I’ve got two of the three so far), and the other deity statues, though nice, don’t do anything for me.

You might remember my latest DotD post, Cama Zotz. Well, the treasure I found was of Cama Zotz. I felt such a strong desire to call out to the God when I found the treasure on Facebook, but I went to Google and looked up a bit more information, but couldn’t find any. All the information says he’s a pretty ambiguous kind of Deity.

Has anyone else worked with a Deity that was more “ambiguous”? I don’t want to say “evil”, because I don’t believe any deity to be evil, but you have to know how to respect them. I don’t know if I should let Cama Zotz into my life, or if I should stay away. I’m really confused.

My (non-Pagan) friend suggested waiting it out and seeing how things play out, but any other suggestions would be really appreciated.

I've always had a bat animal totem, and have always been drawn to the creature, going so far as to trying to convince my parents to let the city put a bat house in one of the trees in our backyard.


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