Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Universe Wastes Nothing

I know a few people who have had big, live-altering events. My uncle, a borderline alcholoic, was told he could not drink again; my cousin, again a bit of a binge-drinker, was also told that she could not drink again.

This makes me ponder things.

I think everything happens for a reason. The universe does not do things by accident (hence my title, The Universe Wastes Nothing), and that whatever deities you believe in do these things for a reason. So, why was my cousin told she couldn't drink anymore, from a spiritual point of veiw?
I think she needed a kick in the ass to grow out of this childhood "binge drinking" phase; to realize that she didn't need alchohal to have fun with her friends, and if she did, she needs better friends. She has potential, she's got a good career plan, and I think her need to fit in and get drunk would hold her back.
Thus, the Universe said "No, you can't be pressured by other people."

Do I hate drinking? No, of course not. I hate teenagers and adults who think that drinking is the most important thing.

Does everyone listen to the universe? No, that's the sad part.


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