Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knot Magic

Knot magic is one of the easiest forms of magic. I'm not talking about it directly today. I'm talking about knot magic that we use every day but don't even realize it.

One of my best friends (you know who you are) does knot magic without realizing it. She crochets. She recently made crochet ornaments for everyone in her residence that had a christmas tree. So, when she crochets she thinks about them, how excited they will be, and the like. Thus, she is using a form of knot magic.

I've recently started doing cross stitch. This can also be seen as a type of knot magic, and can explain why I haven't been posting OR working on my personal BoS. Right now, I may only be working on more fan-art stitches (I've done three: two Star Trek, one Re-Animator, and I'm working on my fourth-Ozymandias from Watchmen), but I plan on making religious themed ones too. My fanart ones are fun, I will admit, but I think when I stitch symbols, or deities, that I'm going to find it incredibly meditative.

There is a good article here on knot magic.


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