Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tarot Collection

So, guess what came today?!

My two new tarot decks!

See, I collect tarot decks, and I am happy to add these two new decks to the collection.

The first of these decks is the Mayan Tarot

This deck is rather simple, at least for the minors. They are plain images, representing the basics of the suit. The colours are bold, and the images are very angular. This sort of thing you would expect from Mayan art. For me, at least, I equate Mayan art to sharp corners and britht primary colours. So, in that regard, this deck delivers.

The second deck is the UFO deck. Okay, so we're all clear, I am SO afraid of aliens, it's not even funny. But, when I saw this deck for the first time I knew I had to have it. I was very drawn to it.
The artwork itself is amazing. The artist used colours that I personally love, and beautiful flowing shapes. It's a stark contrast from my Mayan deck!
Ironically, I'm not too afraid of this deck. Which is good. Part of the reason I got the deck was to help me overcome my fear of aliens. And, I do think it will help:D
EDIT: The UFO deck is really good. I tested it out today on a simple yes/no question. I love this deck<3


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