Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This Assyrian Deity of the Day is the dragon consort of Tiamat. He was charged with protecting sacred tablets. He wore them as breastplates, and made everyone very jealous. These tablets, however, had been stolen by Tiamat.
Kingu killed his father and married his mother Tiamat, much like Oedipus in the classical Greek story.
Kingu was later killed, and never became a ruling deity, however the blood from his murder created the human race. When you think of that, it’s really no wonder humans are crazy!

The name “Kingu” means “unskilled laborer”

Fun Facts:
- In popular culture, both Polish death metal group Vader and Swedish symphonic metal group Therion have written songs called "Blood of Kingu" referencing the myth that humanity was created from the slain god's blood. There's also a Ukrainian Black Metal band called Blood of Kingu. Furthermore, Swedish black metal band Ofermod has written a song called "Dreaming In The Veins Of Kingu", again in reference to the Babylonian myth.
- Kingu is the progenitor of a family of vampires in the roleplaying game Everlasting. Like many mythic figures, Kingu has also been portrayed as a character in the DC Comics universe


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