Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ninna Nanna

This is the title of a song I got in a fanmix I downloaded. It’s a Danish techno song, but very slow and quiet.
I listened to it for a while as background noise, before actually listening to it. It’s amazing. This song is practically perfect in every way. I’m not exaggerating.
This is the kind of music they have on the astral planes.

I’m curious as to if there is any music you’ve heard that reminds you of the planes?

PS: the song Ninna Nanna is by the Danish artist Lulu Rouge


Anonymous said...

I have, for sure, especially when I'm astral projecting and someone is sending me inspiration for my own music (hasn't happened in years, sadly). It's hard to find really perfectly spiritual music. I'm on quite the hunt for it though - I need music I can meditate to in a few ways. Like for relaxation, raising my energy, inspiration, depth, yada yada yada.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

Lisey: if you want me to send you Ninna Nanna, just ask. You will feel SO relaxed listneing to it. OMG!


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