Saturday, October 3, 2009


Colour magic is probably one of the easiest forms of magic, in my opinion. You can use colour magic by:
- Tying a ribbon to yourself
- Wearing a certain colour of clothing
- Burning a candle of the same colour
- Painting a room/wall in the colour

Todays colour is copper. Copper is a money and business colour. It is associated with professional growth, business, fertility, career manoeuvres, passion, money, and goals.
If you are starting a new business, you may wish to paint your walls copper. If you are going to a job interveiw, try incorporating some copper.

Now, the metal copper is different and much more powerful for different reasons. This is about the COLOUR not the METAL. They are different things, they just happen to have the same hue.

For all you technopagans out there, the Hex Triplet colour code for copper is #B87333, the RGB colour code for copper is 184, 115, 51


SpiritPhoenix said...

Wow. Never looked up copper before. What's the major difference between he color and the color+metal? Any ideas?

---Lea Elisabeth said...

the metal does have some of the same properties: both are fertility symbols, for example. The metal is jsut more...magical

Kristine said...

My spirit colours are green and yellow and white. I have a ribbon of these colours tied on my bag. According to Aboriginal tradition, the spirits recognize me when I wear these colours. I also seem to be looking for clothing in these three colours ever since I found out.


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