Friday, October 2, 2009


The seasons are changing, the Wheel of the Year is turning, and while life is rejoicing in the last of the Harvests, we are preparing for our 'hibernation'.
Welcome to October! For many Pagans, the end of this month marks the beginning of a New Year. Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, whatever you call it - this time of mystery and spiritual connection is just around the corner.
Today's prompt is How is this season expressed/reflected in your life? Do you change your altar around, or put out new decorations around your home (feel free to show pictures!)? What kinds of harvesting are you doing in your life? What preparations are you making for the coming winter?
I would have asked specifically about Samhain rituals, but I will save that for the week of Samhain instead.
--Pagan Blog Prompts

Well, October for me always meant the coming of snow, which I hate. I do love the cooler nights, however. I love the cold, but hate the snow and ice.
My mom loves all sorts of seasonal decorating, so already we have some autumnal accents, like a maple scented candle, some mini pumpkins, and tomorrow, she wants to set up the rest of our Halloween decorations.
Halloween/Samhain is probably my favourite holiday: has been since I was little. I know understand the religious aspect of the new year, but even before I was a pagan, I would like it because I got to dress up. I’ve always been fascinated in dressing up, and being someone else. Even now, at 19, I put a lot of thought into a costume. This year I’m going as a harem girl (No, not a belly dancer. A harem girl is different and yes, more modest).
My family has “move nights” on Saturdays. For October, we’re going to watch horror flicks we all like or want to see, like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, A Haunting in Connecticut, and even funny ones like Shawn of the Dead. So, we’re starting tomorrow, and until the end of October, we’re going to get into the “haunting” mood.
Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, and I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I’m having my Halloween party the Saturday before, so I might just have an open invitation to anyone who wants to hang out that day with us; for cake, tarot readings, and general good natured holiday fun.
Samhain is the second New Year’s I celebrate. New Years parties never meant much to me; they all seemed so arbitrary. But, as a celebration of the end of the harvest and of the dead, I don’t mind it as much.


Anonymous said...

:'( I'm so depressed I won't see you for Halloween this year.

Connie Mitan said...

Another lovely post. Thanks for continuing to post responses to Pagan Blog Prompts!


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