Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Coming Canadian Winter

If you know me, like, at all, you’ll know that I love the cold. Funnily enough, most of my traditions—Egyptian and Aztec—are not known for cold climates, but colder region traditions, like Celtic, don’t really appeal to me. There is something oddly calming about an icy cold evening. I find it possibly one of the most romantic images: an icy cold evening, watching a favourite movie with loved ones. Or, being on the computer while it’s icy cold, but you’re all snugly warm under a blanket.

Canadian winters are divided into two parts: End-Of-Year Winter and New-Year Winter.
End of Year Winter is when everyone is talking about the upcoming holiday season (more on that later). This part of winter starts as early as mid-October, but usually goes into full swing the day after Halloween. This shows off the romantic side of winter, with the snowmen and twinkly Christmas lights.
New Year Winter starts right after Christmas, usually on the 28th of December. This is the time where winter is in full-swing, and everyone (except for people like my friend Kristine) are like “Ugh! Winter, go away!”
Of course, End-Of-Year Winter is much shorter.

I think this is hypocritical. Winter is winter, and just because Christmas, Yule, Kwanza, Hanukah and a whole host of other holidays are in December, doesn’t mean we should hate on the rest of winter. I say, if you don’t like winter, you shouldn’t like pre-Christmas winter.

Now, I like winter. I like the cold, I think that snow is quite romantic (unless it’s that gross, muddy snow), and I love watching snow storms with those big giant flakes of snow. I don’t like ice, it scares me because I’m petrified of falling.

Anyway, with winter fast approaching, what do you all think about winter?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love winter, despite the fact my joints freeze up and I have a hard time moving around in the snow and wind. I think it's always wonderful. My favourite is also watching snowstorms. Many Witches say one characteristic of being a Witch is getting excited when it storms out - I HATE rainstorms, but love snowstorms.

I will disagree on one thing: New Year's winter is much, much longer, simply because for most people it can't go away soon enough. Think about it. Christmas comes fast and spring comes slowly.

Also, one word to winter-haters who live in winter regions: WHY DO YOU LIVE HERE? STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING!

Kristine said...

You already mentioned me! Yay! I love winter. A lot. Snow is my one true love (don't tell Doug I said that). This Christmas season is going to be full of exams, closely followed by Austria. Good times.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

Lisey: I agree with you that Christmas comes fast, but I mean, they don't have to constantly bombard people with ads about how much it sucks. I mean, winter is winter no matter where you are.

Kristine: yeah, that does sound fun. The Austria bit, not the exams. I hope I see you ebfore Christmas, I already got your present.

Jaelle said...

Winter's okay. I love curling up in bed with my woodstove-heated hunk of quartz and just catching up on my reading. I love watching the horses get the fuzz on. Frosty trees, warm hot chocolate, building forts.

Huh. I would have said, originally, that I *hate* winter, since it's all about being cold. But there are good parts to it. Northern lights. Moon halos. Snowstorms.

The best part of winter, though, is that it is followed by my favorite season: mud and lambing seasons!

Kristine said...

omg how could I have neglected to mention the northern lights? With a spirit name like Northern Lights Woman you'd think I'd remember... Bad Kristine!

Fionnuala Winterswan said...

I miss winters in New England!! I live in South Florida now, where the winters are nice but not very wintery. While winters up north could be tough (think: digging cars out of snow banks, chipping frozen ice off windows, etc. while your hands are stiff from the frigid temps.) for the most part they aren't that bad. I used to love how Boston would become so quiet after a snow storm. There is something about winter that lends a special magic to the air. I kind of pine for it now!


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