Friday, November 13, 2009

The General Meaning Of Colours

This is a list of general correspondences for colour magic. Every colour will resonate differently with different people, so use this list as a guideline in choosing candle colours.
When in doubt, always go for white.

White: Beginning (in the sense of a blank page) or ending and healing. White shadow (animus). Union through the mind or new intellectual frontier

Gray: Unawareness or deliberate indifference

Black: The unknown, the center of the earth or of a situation; “black box:, black shadow (anima), the dark side of the soul or new physiological territory

Red: Heart, soul, willpower, vitality

Yellow: Sun, consciousness, zest for life; envy, mental dissonance

Blue: Open sky/space and clear water; spirituality

Green: Fresh, young, promising, inexperienced, immature

Brown: Connected to nature and the earth, rooted in the soil, vegetative

Violet: Experiencing boundaries; a mixture of blue and red


Hexeengel said...

I view gray as balance, rather than indifference, as it's the midpoint between black and white. i usually associate gray/silver with Spirit as well, instead of purple, as is more common.

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