Thursday, January 14, 2010

Health and Happiness Spread

I've been sick iwth a pretty bad cold, but I've been fighting though it, but all around feeling exhausted. I've been sleeping up to 12 hours a day, and really stuffed up, so forgive my lack of posts on all my blogs.

This is a tarot spread callde Health and Happiness, and I thought I'd show you the spread and a reading with it

Card Layout:
1 5
2 4 8 6
3 7

1. The state of your health in the past
2. Current state of your health
3. Possible future state of your health
4. What/who can help you to improve or maintain your health
5. What made you happy in the past
6. What makes you happy now
7. Possible event that will make you happy in the future
8. What/who helps augment your sense of happiness and well-being

Veiw a reading with this spread at my tarot blog, here: Necronomicon Tarot: Health and Happiness


A lot of my information is directly copy-pasted frm my own Book of Shadows, collected over the past couple of years from a variety of sourses. I try to credit where I can, and I try to paraphrase and change words around without changing meanings as much as I can.
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